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Unabated Crossfit is an inclusive community for anyone interested in pursuing improved health and fitness.

We provide a place where everyone is welcome, no matter your age, or fitness level. We provide an individualized experience for everyone, dependent on your goals; be it weight loss, performance gains, or general health and fitness. We pride ourselves on our capacity to scale and tailor every workout to everyone needs.

The gym is based on functional fitness through daily workouts that are constantly varied and presented in a group environment with a trained coach. The community helps you push to achieve your goals and supports you on the road to success. Come see what sets us apart from other Gyms in Woodstock.


Classes are all led by a trainer, ensuring safety, proper technique, and providing encouragement. One-hour classes consist of a warm-up, strength and conditioning portion and a work out (metabolic conditioning). Each class is scalable to accommodate everyone’s goals and abilities. The group environment provides support, helping you to push yourself to achieve new goals and benchmarks. We sweat together and achieve together.

Open Gym is for anyone wanting to come in and use the equipment or work on specific skills. A coach will be present to ensure safety, but this is designed for athletes wanting to work independently.

Barbell Club is a dedicated time to working on Olympic Weightlifting, Power Lifting, and accessory strength movements. Our coach will lead a class through the technicalities of the lifts and help improve technique and increase strength.

Note: Kids are welcome to come to any of our classes but it is your responsibility to make sure they are safe and entertained.

Keep checking back for changes as we increase classes and incorporate new things. Coming soon will be Kids Athletic classes.

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Erik Davidson is a coach dedicated to working with anyone interested in achieving increased health and fitness. He has been active in sports and fitness from a young age and loves coaching new people, helping them achieve their goals. He focuses on safe movement and proper technique, where quality is more important than the number on the bar-bell. Through experience and an inclusive understanding of the sport he can coach athletes to a higher level of competition.